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25.09.2014 Re-organization of Central Excise Zone,Ranchi reg-
02 26.09.2014 Creation and Jurisdiction of Central Excise Audit Commissionerate.
03 02.09.2014 Trade Notice No-2 Valuation of Fertilizers For The Purpose of Levy of Excise Duty.
04 02.09.2014 Trade Notice No-3 Manner of Distribution of Common Input Service.
05 15.10.2014 Trade Notice No-3  Steps to be taken on ACES for implementation of cadre review.
06 31.10.2014 Trade Notice No-4  Steps Jurisdication of Division and Ranges.
07 31.10.2014 Trade Notice No-5 Consequent of Cadre Restructuring Two New Division.
08 27.05.2015 Trade Notice No-2/2015 Union Budget 2015.
09 13.07.2015 Trade Notice No-3/2015 Clarification on Rate of Service Tax on Resturant Service.
10 16.07.2015 Trade Notice No-1/2015 RTI- Changes in Name and Designation of CPIO & Appellate Authority.
11 31.12.2015 Trade Notice No-08/2015 Applicability of service tax on the service received by the apparel exporters in relation to fabrication of garments.
12 09.03.2016 Trade Notice 10/2015-16 Note on Measure taken for Improving Ease of doing Biuisness
13 07.04.2016 Implementation of e- payment refund/rebate of Central Excise & Service Tax - reg
14 11.01.2016 Trade Notice 09/2015-16 Minutes of Tarrif Confrence held on 28 & 29 october 2015, Chandigarh.
15 16.06.2016 Trade Notice 02/2016 Clarification regarding leviability of Service Taxin respect of Services provided by arbitral tribunal and member of such tribunal-Reg..
16 16.06.2016 Trade Notice 03/2016  Imposition of Central Excise duty on jewelry-constitution of sub-committee of High Level Committee-reg.
17 16.06.2016 Trade Notice 04/2016  Accounting code for payment of Krishi Kalyan Cess-reg.
18 06.07.2016 Trade Notice 05/2016 Levy of Excise Duty on ready made garments and made articles etc.
19 25.07.2016 Trade Notice 06/2016 Indirect Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme '2016'.
20 10.08.2016 Trade Notice 07/2016 Common registration and return for First Stage Dealer and Importer.
21 23.08.2016 Trade Notice 08/2016 Reduction of Government litigation providing monetary limits for filing appeals by the Department before CESTAT/High Courts and Supreme Court-reg.
22 08.09.2016 Trade Notice 09/2016 Shifting of Central Excise & Service Tax Range, Bihta - reg.
23 29.06.2017 Trade Notice Patna I  01/2017 Location of Division/Range Offices under Tax Commissionerate Patna I - reg.
24 30.06.2017 Trade Notice Patna II  01/2017 Location of Division/Range Offices under Tax Commissionerate Patna II - reg.
25 21.12.2017 Trade Notice 04/2017 Division of Tax Payer base between the Central Govt and the Govt of bihar  - reg.

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Annexure C & D

26 28.05.2015 Setting up of an IT grievance rederessal mechanism to address the grievances of taxpayer due to technical glitches on GST Portal  Patna II - reg.